I make recommendations almost everyday about drug therapies. I routinely inform physicians about new guidelines, drug interactions, side effects to monitor as well as new drugs that may be of benefit to the patients. I have come to learn that not everyone take recommendations the same way. Some welcome them, others find them offensive.

Yet I don’t let others’ perception stop me from making my recommendations, or doing my job. I do listen to feedback and comments and may fine tune my recommendations accordingly. But when I have something to say, no amount of threat or intimidation will stop me from telling the physicians if they are right or wrong.

I have come to categorize physicians in three distinct groups:

The Yes Group – Some physicians will agree with anything and everything I say. I don’t necessary think that’s wise even though it makes me look good and smart. That’s because it suggests there is either a lack of judgement on their part or they aren’t doing their job fully to evaluate their patients’ therapies and leave the decision entirely in my hands.

The No Group – Some physicians will always disagree. These physicians have big ego, self centred and quite frankly, unprofessional. These physicians tend to be ones where other health professionals are “scared” to interact with because they are not pleasant to deal with. In short, they don’t care. I never take it personally when they ignore my recommendations but I do feel bad for the patients because I feel they deserve to be treated more respectfully.

The Yes and No Group – And then there are some physicians who will read my recommendations and decide based on their professional judgement. They agree with some of my recommendations and disagree with others. These are the best physicians. I love working with them because this is how real collaboration occurs in real life, real time. We exchange thoughts, ideas, creative concepts and most importantly, I feel patients are well respected and have access to the most appropriate drug therapies available to them.

So I am not shy to express my views. Sometimes I swallow my pride. Sometime I stand my ground.