I wish I have my phone with me to take the picture before and after my run because it is usually pitch black at the beginning and by the end of the run, the sun has risen, lighting up the entire neigbhourhood. With a light breeze, the morning is always beautifully calm and peaceful.

This week, many bloggers among the WordPress community around the world are invited to participate in the 5K run/walk. Since I already run, it is a no-brainer that I will join in.

I ran my usual 5k this morning and it felt good.

Many people run for different reasons; some to lose weight, others to improve their mood and the rest may simply want to challenge themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. And my reasons are all of the above but the most important reason is that running is the only time that I can truly claim to be mine.  I have been able to negotiate with my husband that if I leave the house early enough for a run, he would deal with the girls if they wake up, looking for mommy. Most of the time, they would sleep through my runs and occasionally, I would find my girls waiting at the door for me – sometimes with tears streaming down their cheeks. (sorry girls!)

To me, running is therapeutic. It is the only time that I can focus on myself, meditate, reflect or indulge – to think about whatever I want to, leaving the house chore, work, laundry and grocery shopping list behind, just for a short time. That’s my temporary oasis, at least for now.

Happy running/walking/skipping your 5k this week!