Health Insurance Nightmare

It sounds great to have extended health insurance through your employers. It’s a great perk. It’s all great when all is running well. But when things are different, complicated, or there is a small change in anyway, it becomes the worst nightmare you have to deal with.

I took my daughters for their routine dental cleaning few weeks ago. The dental claims were rejected from my husband’s plan. I thought, that was not an issue. They are still covered under my plan. So we can deal with it.

However, we have coordination of benefits set up currently. So I have to inform my employer or administrator about the change so I can submit their claims directly. Sure, it sounds simple.

It has given me so much grief and continues to do so this very moment.

First I called my plan. They advised me I have to called my employer. So I did. But the HR contact then told me I have to call the plan. I told him the plan has given me the direction to call the employer because they cannot make the change for me.  So he waited, took his time  to respond and then asked for a letter to indicate my husband’s plan was terminated.

So I did. I got a letter, sent it to my HR contact. Again he waited for a few days before he responded. Then he provided me with a form to complete. “Please complete this form with the changes.”

So I completed the form to the best of my ability and sent it back. Again he took his sweet time to respond – this time, he said I did not fill out the form correctly with no information as to what was wrong with the form.

So I replied and asked exactly what he meant was incorrect about the form.  He replied again at his pleasure – “please call me after 3:30pm and I can help you with it”.

So I called as specified. He helped me corrected my errors. Then he looked at the letter that was submitted by my husband’s employer. “oh, your letter didn’t say your Manulife plan has been terminated. It simply states you do not have coverage with Great West Life”.

“You will have to obtain a letter indicating your Manulife Plan has been terminated.”

In the meantime, my husband received a new benefit card from Manulife!

We were both confused. So he called his Manulife plan and has confirmed he  and his family still has coverage.

So I called the dental office to see if they can submit the dental claims. They were able to submit one claim but the second claim was declined due to “duplicate claim”.

What duplicate claim? It was her first time seeing the dentist.! I was advised to call the insurance company.

So I called my husband’s insurance company, entered the contract number and certificate number and was told the coverage has been terminated. 

Then I waited to speak to an agent, gave her all the details. She was confused and said she will have to call me back.

I have lost count how much time I have wasted to deal with this insurance nightmare.

It’s great to have extended health benefits. but if this is how people have to handle the insurance companies when they are sick,  it’s brutal.  I doubt many have the strength to deal with them and a source of stress that will worsen their health.





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My name is Cynthia Leung and I am a practicing pharmacist in Kingston Ontario, Canada. This blog is for me to share my ideas, opinions and perspectives on how medications are used in our health care system. Note that these posts are my own opinions and do not represent the opinions of my current or former employers and / or organizations that I may belong to. Any possible case scenarios described in my posts would be modified to maintain patient confidentiality. This blog is not a platform for professional advise for patients or health care providers and the content is not meant to support any clinical decisions or replace professional opinions. Also the images are either taken or created by the author, or adapted with permissions. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts!

5 thoughts on “Health Insurance Nightmare”

    1. I know! When I used to work in retail pharmacy, I will do my best to help my patients navigate the system but it seems so wrong. they are sick. they can’t talk, let alone navigate the confusing maze of the insurance world. You must have lots of experience handling them.

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  1. This is exactly what I go through with pre-existing conditions (or went through, prior to Obamacare). Now, I’m covered, but my deductible has been raised astronomically, so nothing is covered anymore until the deductible is met. A very sad waste of resources.

    I truly believe that the insurance companies are determined to exhaust us all so that they don’t have to pay out claims, otherwise, why can’t the person your working with address your issue DURING THE FIRST CALL??? I guess that would make way too much sense.


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