My daughter asked me to bring her to this park to play with the monkey bars few months ago.  It had been awhile since we were there last so she was looking forward to it. But as she attempted to reach the monkey bars, she realized she couldn’t do it anymore. She used to wiggle her legs onto the vertical bar to climb upward, just high enough to reach the top bars to swing herself through. But it was difficult this time. I gathered because she had been growing, slightly heavier so she didn’t have the same strength to lift her bigger body.

She looked really sad. But I also saw that she was taller and only slightly below the top bars. So I told her to try jumping to reach the top bars instead. So she did. She jumped, reached for the top bar and swung herself through the rest of the monkey bars.

The smile on her face was priceless.

I asked her if she had learned anything. I explained that just because one way was not working out, there must be another way waiting for us to try.  But she was too focused to play and probably didn’t get the lesson.

But I feel our pharmacy profession is facing the same situation. Resources are scarce. Demands are high. Everyone is stretched to the limit and we see many difficult decisions made in the name of restructuring.  I hope we don’t get stuck or fixed in this seemingly depressed phase. There must be a way to reach the monkey bars again. We just need to step back, look for another way and keep going.