I can’t sleep. Actually, I am often dead tired but I can’t seem to get much quality sleep these days.  Yes I am overwhelmed with few things, the usual work related stress, the constant mess in my house and the never ending chores that I have to keep up or catch up. But I think the main reason is that I am following too closely the American politics since the new administration has taken over the White House.

I can’t even get myself to say his name, D.T.  Everything that has occurred is no surprise to me; he is simply following his campaign promises. But his demeanor is very disturbing. From his executive order on travel ban, to his unfounded accusation of Barack Obama tapping his phone, the manner in which he carries out himself is just inappropriate or vulgar. I don’t tolerate such behaviour with my kids, why would the nation allow it in a President, the ultimate leader of the United States?

I know I should be grateful our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is nothing like D.T., that he supports tolerance of differences, respects for multiculturalism and promotes inclusiveness among Canadians. Yet we are not immune from our neighbour – hate crime has increased, anti-Semitic movements are making headlines and actions stem from Islamophobia have led to loss of innocent lives.

My insomnia is caused by something much deeper. There is a sense of unrest that is being infiltrated in our society. No amount of Ativan or other hypnotic will fix my insomnia.  I suspect many individuals experiencing insomnia are also going through some uneasy feelings or emotions, stemming from something much deeper that they need to sort out.

There is no easy solution to my insomnia. But the first step is to acknowledge the cause and the second step is to do something about it. I may not be able to storm to the White House to remove D.T. But I can voice my dismay over him and his administration. I can stand up against hate, injustice and intolerance of any faith or culture.  I can reach out to the victims of hate crime to offer my support for them. I can openly condemn hateful actions or hurtful words.

Maybe none of these actions will make any difference in the world. Or maybe it will. But at least it will help me manage my own insomnia.

And that’s good enough for now.