Healthy Eating on the Go

It can be hectic to be chauffeur for my kids, driving them to different extracurricular activities and to feed them healthy food on the go. Instead of the boring peanut butter sandwich or the unhealthy McDonald meals, I try to ensure there is some healthy food for my kids to eat on the go.

Lately, my girls like sushi but they only eat cucumber rolls.  So I decided to make some cucumber roll with sushi rice and quinoa to see how they turn out.

I think they turn out ok.


Sadly, my girls don’t like the sushi with quinoa.  When I get a chance to socialize with other parents, the hot topic that we always discuss is “what to feed our kids”, or sometimes I call it “how to provide healthy food with sanity”. It seems that kids always gravitate towards unhealthy food – is it our society, our culture or somehow we are missing the right ingredient to ensure a healthy eating habit? It is so important and it does set the stage for how Type 2 Diabetes may develop later in life.

It is a mystery to me. Do you have any wisdom to share?

Thank you for reading my post!


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