I do have a goal to run 10 miles a week. Whether I am able to achieve this goal or not is an entirely different question. After all, exercise is medicine. It’s free but it takes time and effort – definitely an investment on ourselves.

Running can improve circulation, helps with oxygenation to our hearts and other vital organs. It also helps to regulate blood glucose, stimulate endogenous endorphins to help with mood and pain.  When I run, that’s the time when creative ideas come to mind, when all my troubles go away temporarily and when I can focus on attaining my personal goal – perhaps one more step, one more breath and one more mile.

  • So why don’t we all run more often?
  • What’s preventing us from running?
  • How do we begin the first step to run?

Procrastination is my biggest enemy. That’s always an excuse – no time, no energy, no one to look after my kids!

As a pharmacist, I think of running as a replacement for anti-hypertensives, oral hypoglycemics, statins, antidepressants and many other medicines.  Would you rather take more pills or start moving your body so you don’t need to take those pills? I would.

You can’t say I am a pill pusher!

Have a wonderful day and hope you can also take advantage of the nicer weather to run more often – make it your goal to run. It can be a short mile or a marathon. You decide. It’s your health.