When I interview an 80 year old lady about her medications, she often says she does know what she takes but trusts that her physician knows what’s best for her. Those days are almost gone now. The younger patients often are empowered to know more about their medications, the proper uses and side effects. They turn to the internet for a lot of information which may or may not be applicable to them.

I encourage my patients to ask as many questions as they need to because they are the ones who take them, know how these medications interact with their bodies and should have all the appropriate information at their disposal. Yet many of them don’t always know  how to ask them when interacting with their clinicians or health care providers.

Below is a video put together by ISMP Canada which is excellent in outlining a systematic way to ask some important questions about medications, encourages safe practices around medication use and encourages the public to be more empowered to understand their medications.

Please check it out and share it so more people will benefit from making the most out of their  own medications. Thank you for reading my post.