We always have Krazy Glue in our house because there are many things to be fixed. It could be the toys that got broken, the soles of the shoes that need to be repaired, or just other things around the house that need to be mended. Krazy glue always saves the day.  Yet I always secretly blame my husband whenever he puts his hand on the glue.  He either doesn’t know how to open the glue, or somehow after using it, manages to use the glue to seal the lid, rendering it totally unusable afterward. I have lost track how many times I have to buy a new Krazy glue because of him.

But today, I just proved myself wrong. I ruined the Krazy glue myself, not him. Somehow, I feel there is a moral to the lesson. I am quick to blame someone or something for when things don’t go as I like it. But this incident has reminded me that focusing on blame isn’t helpful. It drains my energy and likely puts a toll on the relationship.

Perhaps it is true that someone or something has contributed significantly to the problem that I have to face but the same can be said about myself too – that I may be a culprit for someone’s problem that I am unaware of. How many times when we see a new patient, only to quickly assume their concerns are due to this or that or someone or something else? Don’t be quick to judge but be quick to act.

The world is bigger than we can see with our own eyes. The world is more complex than we can comprehend with our limited vision.  But all we can do is to focus on the problem at hands and do our best to be helpful.  If we allow our views to be as stubborn as the Krazy glue, we will never be flexible enough to fix anything in the world.

Krazy glue can be helpful but it can detrimental as well.

So use Krazy glue to fix things but don’t let Krazy glue to fix your views.  Thank you for reading my post!