I am experiencing a writer’s block – not that I am doing any creative writing but simply writing about my perspectives as a pharmacist on many things. But recently, I can’t think of anything to write about – I seem to have lost my interest to write about a new drug, a new clinical encounter or a new drug interaction.

Perhaps this has something to do with a recent change of my career focus. I have left my previous job as a consultant pharmacist in long term care pharmacy. I am  learning to be a primary care pharmacist so my opinions are still being formulated.

Here’s one main difference I have noticed already. I used to think about my patients risk of fall, anticholinergic burden and getting my med reviews completed for the month. Now these don’t matter as much anymore. I still need to tap into such knowledge if I am managing an elderly patient. But I get more questions about urine drug screening, opioid abuse, hormone replacement therapy and compassionate supply. I am also digging back into my pediatric root too. Just the other day, I had a question about treatment option and dosing for an 8 month old for pin worm. I am also excited as I will be spending more time working with patients, teaching about insulin and running anticoagulation clinic for warfarin therapy.

So I am charting a new journey ahead. I may have more things to say later on. For now, I am having a writer’s block.