As 2017 comes to an end, I want to reflect on some of the highlights for my blog.

First, here are my top 10 most commonly viewed posts or pages:

  1. From Bartender to cardiologist: My Husband’s Journey Through My Lens
    • I was pleasantly surprised that this post went viral, shortly after I have posted it on my blog. It became the most read post in 2017 with over 2000 views. I hesitated a lot before writing it because I felt it was too personal to share but apparently, it was a great post to share.
  2. Home Page
    • The second most viewed page in 2017 was the general home page of my blog. This suggests there is a general interest to my blog which is great, because it validates that I should keep blogging. 🙂
  3. Drug induced QT Prolongation: Is it an overrated concern? 
    • The third most commonly viewed page / post is on drug induced QT interval prolongation. I hope my post have addressed many questions related to this area. I certainly get many questions about drug induced QT prolongation in my daily clinical practice.
  4. Colace is useless and costly.
    • Surprisingly, this was my first post written in 2016 and still attracts quite a bit of traffic in 2017. Not sure if it is because it has been around the longest (thus got picked up by Google or other search engines more… or maybe many people are really wondering if Colace is indeed useless and costly.)
  5. Is Nabilone the next best thing?
    • This post was written quite late in 2017 but got enough views / traffic to make it in the top 10.  I think there are two reasons. The first reason is that Nabilone is a synthetic cannabis. With Medical marijuana making so much noise these days, it is not surprising to see people searching about Nabilone. The second reason is that Nabilone was on back order around September, so I can see many desperate clinicians searching for solutions to tackle the drug shortage crisis.
  6. Alternatives to Spironolactone.
    • Similar to Nabilone, spironolactone went into drug shortage around late summer. As such, it must have created some level of urgency among prescribers to look for alternatives. While the problem with drug shortages may not be going away, it is clear that many clinicians are looking for useful resources to support them during the drug shortage crises.
  7. How long should we continue a beta blocker after a heart attack?
    • This post attracted a lot of readers, received a few likes and got shared several times in the social media platforms.  I think many found the post informative.  I also find that there is a lot of “love” for anything related to cardiology but less so for other disciplines. I wonder if I write about how to discontinue a benzodiazpine, would it get the same amount of traffic?
  8. Canagliflozin: Results of the CANVAS Program.
    • This post summarizes the results of the CANVAS Program on the cardiovascular benefits of canagliflozin. I think many people are looking for a concise summary of the study results and my post may have served this role. Hopefully, my post has been useful to the readers.
  9. Resources for Tapering Opioids
    • With the opioid crisis affecting both Canada and the US, many clinicians and health care organizations are teaming up to tackle the problem.  This post was written for myself to gather all the useful resources onto one single page.  Again, I hope others are finding the post useful.
  10. Handling Hazardous Drugs.
    • I am surprised this became one of the top 10 posts in 2017. I personally do not find this post very well written.  But its popularity may illustrate that many people are concerned about safety and searching the internet to look for resources on how to handle hazardous drugs safely.

So there, these were the top 10 posts in 2017. I look forward to sharing more useful posts in 2018.   And to recap, I believe here are 3 things I have learned through blogging in 2017:

  • Content is king. When a post offers informative content, it naturally becomes a popular post among readers, audience and other social media platforms.  Don’t waste time on crappy post but invest in writing high quality post to benefit others.
  • A great story is attractive too.  A story that touches someone’s heart, inspires a lost soul or reminds us that humanity still exists tend to resonate very powerfully in the cyberspace too. People are also looking to connect through any great stories. So if you have a great story to share, share.
  • Blogging can be helpful to me and others. I started blogging because I wanted a forum to discuss my thoughts on pharmacy, medications or other health care topics in general. It has helped me consolidate my thoughts, keep up with the latest clinical evidence but I am also finding my followers are growing. I hope my posts have been helpful to my readers. I will continue to blog in 2018. One thing I may venture into more is  Vlogging – or posting video contents. Let’s try it out in 2018.

I look forward to your feedback and your comments. Thank you for my readers, supporters and followers. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and see you in 2018.