Common Side Effects – Icons and Images

Patients are often concerned about the potential side effects of a medication.  At the pharmacy, we may affix various ancillary labels on the prescription vials. But those labels have been around for a long time.  It is time to upgrade them to be something easy to comprehend. I also need your help! I am looking for your votes on whether the following icons illustrate the side effects as described. Help me out by participating in the poll.

Thank you for your participation! If interested, please also drop me a comment below for suggestions of new icons to create and test out too!


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My name is Cynthia Leung and I am a practicing pharmacist in Kingston Ontario, Canada. This blog is for me to share my ideas, opinions and perspectives on how medications are used in our health care system. Note that these posts are my own opinions and do not represent the opinions of my current or former employers and / or organizations that I may belong to. Any possible case scenarios described in my posts would be modified to maintain patient confidentiality. This blog is not a platform for professional advise for patients or health care providers and the content is not meant to support any clinical decisions or replace professional opinions. Also the images are either taken or created by the author, or adapted with permission. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts!

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