In celebration of this year’s Canadian Patient Safety Week (Oct 29 – Nov 2) where the focus is on medication safety, I want to highlight some of my thoughts on this topic.

Medication safety must start with everyone having a strong understanding on why a medication is prescribed. I encourage patients to actively engage by asking the 5 questions about their medications:


In addition, not all medications get along. As such, it is also important for clinicians to be aware of different types of drug interactions so they understand how to best manage them. Check out my post on this topic.

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To promote medication safety, one strategy is to conduct a comprehensive medication review.  Here’s a post that I have shared about My Secret to a Great Medication Review. Spoiler alert: there was nothing great about the review, just that I took the time to listen. Often we invest a lot of time browsing through the chart, clinic notes and investigation results but we rarely spend enough time chatting with the patient. I find that most of the problems and solutions are often realized through interactions with the patient.

So there it is. Happy Canadian Patient Safety Week. I hope you will also spend some time to reflect what you can do to better promote medication safety.

As always, thank you for reading my post.