I am happy to be collaborating with Alex Barker again to share his short video on what he wishes to do differently during pharmacy school.

Have a listen to the quick video clip.

The part that resonates most with me is when he encourages us to:

Get involved with people. Find people who are doing interesting thing and try to help.

To feel the way the clinician feel – the worry, the anxiety … when you do that, it becomes part of you. 

Get out there, go meet people and help them as this will eliminate everything else that will waste your time.

In my view, the gist of what he wants to encourage pharmacy students or pharmacy grads is to apply emotional intelligence in our practice, to connect with the profession in ways that makes sense to each of us individually. It is also important to have the courage to try something different, to explore the unknown and grown as a pharmacist and embrace what’s ahead.

Have you thought about what you would have done differently in pharmacy school?