Patient Experience Matters

I recently broke my prescription glasses and was forced to purchase a new frame from a local eyeglasses provider.  At the same time, I also had to visit my pharmacy to refill a prescription for my daughter. The striking difference in my experience has inspired me to write this post. Continue reading Patient Experience Matters


Those are not my Ads!

Recently, an ad popped up on my blog that caught me by surprise.  If you are a blogger with WordPress,  a free account comes with many great features and storage space to start blogging immediately. The caveat is that sometimes, ads may pop up in my blog that are beyond my control. It hasn’t bother me, until now.

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Illegible Prescription Orders

Sometimes people don’t understand why a pharmacist takes so long to process a prescription. The medication is on the shelf and all it takes is to count out perhaps 30 tablets or capsules and slap a label on the vial. And yes we charge you also a dispensing fee for it.

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