Mental Health Resources for Pharmacists

As we begin the dialogue this week on mental health awareness week, I also want to highlight some useful resources for pharmacists. Here are few of my favourites:

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Constructive Feedback – Not as Easy to Give or Receive

As much as we try to sugarcoat any negative message with the term “constructive feedback”, it is never easy to communicate.  If your student is not doing well or you want to highlight an area that may require improvement, it is always difficult to deliver it well.

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Side Hustle for Pharmacists

I am so delighted that Alex Barker, the founder from the Happy PharmD, has agreed to share a post on side hustle for pharmacists.  Job satisfaction in any profession is important. But in pharmacy, it can be extremely unbearably if you do not enjoy what you do, not to mention that it can compromise on patient safety. Sometimes we just need to find something different enough to challenge our creativity but still calls for our knowledge and skillset. This is where I find Alex very inspiring and his passion to share what he knows about side hustle for pharmacists is rather infectious. I hope you enjoy his post.

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Demystifying Drug Interactions

Many people find drug interactions a difficult concept to grasp. And many people assume the only way to manage a drug interaction is to avoid the combination. Often time, it is impractical, nor is it necessary. We do need to actively understand how to best manage the interaction based on many factors including the patient’s specific factors, the indications of the medications, the risk of side effects as well as the potential of the drug interactions. But first, we need to understand what type of interactions we are dealing with.

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How to become a Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE)?

What a relief to pass my CDE exam again! I am now a certified diabetes educator for another 5 years. When I wrote my last exam five years ago, all costs and expenses were paid for by my previous employer. I had no idea how much everything would add up. This time around, I have to pay everything up front, hoping the amount will be fully or partially reimbursed by the Allied Health Professional Development Fund. Here’s a brief account of my financial investment as well as some thoughts around the journey.

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On Writing

I don’t consider myself a writer, let alone a great writer. Yet I find myself continuously writing these days.   But thinking back to the path of writing, it hasn’t exactly been one filled with pleasant experience either. As a new immigrant, English was not my strongest subject at school. I never enjoyed dissecting Shakespeare’s work, or producing a 10 page essay to analyze Margaret Atwood’s masterpiece.  I struggled to find the right word, the right expression, the correct sentence structure to express my thoughts. Often I knew my limitations – I had a tendency to create awkward sentences, make common grammatical mistakes and the end result was often distracting for the readers.

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