Talk Diabetes 2018 – Part I

Talk Diabetes 2018 was an education event presented by The Diabetes Education and Management Centre of Kingston Health Sciences Centre – Hotel Dieu Site on May 11, 2018. It was a day packed with many valuable contents to be shared among health care professionals looking for an updates in diabetes, especially with the recent release of the 2018 Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines.  Here are some notes I took:

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Mental Health Resources for Pharmacists

As we begin the dialogue this week on mental health awareness week, I also want to highlight some useful resources for pharmacists. Here are few of my favourites:

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Alternatives to Benztropine

Benztropine (Cogentin) is an anticholinergic that is commonly prescribed for the management of extrapyrimidal symptoms in patients on long term antipsychotics.  Recently, there is a drug shortage with this medication which has prompted me to look closer at what are some of the alternatives.

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Drug Induced Depression

Depression is a common mental health condition associated with complex etiologies related to genetics, environmental upbringing, past or present social or personal events (e.g. loss of loved ones, abuse, traumas etc) as well as chronic diseases (e.g. stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes).  Medications or substances have been implicated as well but unfortunately, information related to drug-induced depression is mainly derived from case reports or retrospective studies.

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Pharmacological Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

The American Psychiatry Association has just released new practice guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of patients with alcohol use disorder. For the full guidelines, click here.  In this guideline, the use of these 5 agents have been discussed: naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfiram, topiramate and gabapentin.

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Our Opioid Crisis is perhaps a Side Effect of Our Mental Health Crisis

There is a lot of money invested to address our current opioid crisis. We discuss an opioid strategy and implement measures at various levels.  We distribute naloxone kits through our community pharmacies, we provide support through academic detailing services at physicians’ offices and we increase awareness of the risks and harm with long term opioid use in public education campaigns. On many levels, all these activities are addressing our ongoing opioid crisis. But if we dig further, we are also looking at our mental health crisis that desperately needs more attention too.

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