Baby Led Weaning – To Prevent Iron Deficiency

Rice cereal as first food? It was an epic failure, not once but twice with my two girls.   One reason rice cereal is recommended as an appropriate first choice of food is because it is fortified with iron to prevent iron deficiency.

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Unintended Consequences of OHIP Plus

With the OHIP Plus finally kicking in, I wonder if there have been any unintended consequences that we are just starting to realize. Many have argued it is a political move from the Liberal party to secure a “sure win” in the upcoming election. Others may see it as a step toward a Universal Pharmacare in Canada.  One way or another, its intention is to allow all children and youth under the age of 25 in Ontario to have access to prescription medications without any barriers.

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How will Drug coverage change on Jan 1 2018 for Children and Youth?

If you live in Ontario, OHIP Plus will be effective as of Jan 1, 2018 which means the Ontario Drug Benefits Program will pay for a number of prescription medications for anyone below the age of 25. So what do you really need to know?

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To Promote Antibiotic Stewardship – how about a glimpse of my daughters’ antibiotic use?

I realize there is so much talk and education on how we should prescribe antibiotic more appropriately. A discussion on antibiotic stewardship may sound very sexy but the public may not be able to connect to such term. In essence, antibiotic stewardship is an initiative to promote appropriate antibiotic prescribing, to improve patient outcomes and to reduce antibiotic resistance. Maybe making it personal will help – and I mean let’s look at my daughters’ antibiotic use.

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PureCare or Pure Liar

I was recently alerted to this PureCare Herbal Cream, marketed as an “all natural” and steroid free remedy for eczema or psorasis.   It is only available for sales online or distributed via in-person. It has received many raving reviews but little did we know that it actually contains clobetasol propionate – an ultra potent steroid reserved for resistant cases of severe ezcema or psorasis!

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Why do kids turn to drugs?

I can’t help to think about the recent tragic event in Kanata where a teenager’s life was lost due to opioid overdose. My kids are still years away from becoming teenagers but I could see the road ahead that is filled with challenge, defiance and experimentation of all sorts. I want to say my kids are so good that they won’t do drugs but the reality is that they may be exposed to them and they may decide to experiment too.

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Real Cost of Carrying an Epi-Pen

Recently, the sky rocketing cost of EpiPen in US has made headlines in several news outlets.  Epi-Pen is merely an auto-injector device containing epinephrine which can be a life saving medication for individuals experiencing an anaphylactic reaction. The drug has been around for ages and cheap to make but because of its life saving potential, many manufacturers may have taken advantage of it and has priced it higher than it should.

Closer to home in Canada, it is not nearly as expensive but is still not cheap. My family has recently discovered that we also need to carry an Epi-Pen. For two auto-injectors of Epi-Pen Jr, it costs just over $200 CAD.  But the real cost of carrying an Epi-Pen is more than its monetary value.

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