Sweet! The journal article is free.. on the internet.

Hold that thought. Nothing is free without a price.  I have noticed that many journal articles are easier to access online via the internet. This may seem like great news but I notice there is a bias in what information is free online. When I conduct my literature search, I notice that articles with positive results of a new drug are often freely available online, whereas articles with neutral or negative results are more difficult to access….. sometimes even from the same journal.  I wonder why?

How can anyone make informed decision when there is a bias in how information is made available to the public?

That’s my food for thought on a Monday morning!


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My name is Cynthia Leung and I am a practicing pharmacist in Kingston Ontario, Canada. This blog is for me to share my ideas, opinions and perspectives on how medications are used in our health care system. Note that these posts are my own opinions and do not represent the opinions of my current or former employers and / or organizations that I may belong to. Any possible case scenarios described in my posts would be modified to maintain patient confidentiality. This blog is not a platform for professional advise for patients or health care providers and the content is not meant to support any clinical decisions or replace professional opinions. Also the images are either taken or created by the author, or adapted with permissions. I hope you will enjoy reading my posts!

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